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Fast Facts

  • Polls closed at 10pm BST
  • Exit poll: Conservatives largest party – short of a majority
  • 650 Westminster MPs will be elected
  • 46.9 million people registered to vote

All the latest developments for the snap general election that comes as the UK prepares for difficult Brexit negotiations. All times local (GMT +1).

22:35 – Labour and Conservatives react to opinion poll

  • Senior Labour Party adviser Emily Thornberry says that if the exit poll is correct then Prime Minister Theresa May should consider resigning: “If this is right, I think she should consider her position. I think she should go. She has manifestly failed.”

  • Conservative Defence Minister Michael Fallon expressed caution. “Let’s see some actual results to see if this is borne out – this is a projection, I think you made that clear, it is not a result. These exit polls have been wrong in the past, in 2015 they underestimated our vote.” 

  • Ben Page, polling analyst for Ipsos Mori, told Al Jazeera that: “The exit poll has been very accurate for the past three elections. It’s based on carefully choosing around 140 polling stations and extrapolating. There is a margin of error on those numbers which is about 15 seats either way.”

22:15 – Pound falls sharply after election exit poll

22:00 – Exit poll: Conservatives largest party – short of a majority

22:00 – The polls have closed


21:45 – Brexit was one of the major issues in election


21:30 – Is this the NHS election?

21:15 – Why does Nuneaton matter?

21:00 – Croydon Central, Labour’s must-win seat

  • Labour lost the 2015 election by just 165 votes and it needs a win this year to stand any chance of forming a government.

07:00 – Britain goes to polls in heated contest

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies

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