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The closest you’ll ever get to a ‘3DS XL Lite.’Nintendo New 2DS XL review

The latest addition to Nintendo’s handheld gaming lineup hits stores on July 28th, but we’ve already had our turn with the New 2DS XL. Sean Buckley reports that despite a new chassis, this entry isn’t the best portable gaming console in the 3DS lineup, with a shorter battery life than its 3D-enabled counterpart. On the plus side, it does have comfortable controls with smaller bezels and a repositioned hinge.

It doesn’t stop at just movies and games.Disney shows off a preview of its upcoming ‘Star Wars’ theme park

As part of the D23 event going on this weekend, Disney unveiled a model version of the Star Wars-inspired lands that are under construction at its Disney World and Disneyland resorts. Ride specifics are still hazy, but one attraction will give guests control of the Millennium Falcon, while another drops them into a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. The parks are scheduled to open in 2019, but we’ll let you know if there’s any other news out of D23.

Now the thumbnails moveYouTube experiments with GIF-like video previews

Soon you might notice a 3-second teaser when your computer’s pointer hovers over a thumbnail, though it only works for videos that are longer than 30 seconds.

Here are your plans for the weekend.Tune into the EVO 2017 fighting game championships

Get your fill of esports action today streaming on Twitch live from the EVO 2017 event in Las Vegas. For Sunday night’s final rounds, you can watch Disney XD and ESPN 2 to see champions crowned in Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter V, respectively.

It got a nose job.See how Tesla’s Model 3 has changed since its debut

We’ll let the gif do most of the talking.

#FontGate.Microsoft’s default font settings are taking center stage in a political drama


Say goodbye to projector distortion.Samsung made a giant 34-foot LED TV for movie theaters

Samsung has unveiled the Cinema LED Screen that’s an epic 10.3 meters (33.8 feet, or 406 inches). It runs at full 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolution, features HDR and peaks out at 146 fL of brightness, “ten times greater than that offered by standard projector technologies.

Scientists, Steven Segal would like a word with you.Water bears may be the last species alive when the sun dies

Scientists have discovered that the tardigrade, also called the water bear, is the world’s most indestructible living species. Researchers at the University of Oxford tested three potential catastrophic space-based events that could affect the Earth to see whether tardigrades would survive: asteroids, supernovae and gamma ray bursts. “To our surprise we found that although nearby supernovae or large asteroid impacts would be catastrophic for people, tardigrades could be unaffected,” says Dr. David Sloan, the paper’s coauthor.

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