White House releases voter-fraud comments, personal info included


While it may seem like a good thing that the commission has solicited and shared public comment on its request for voter info, publishing the list of emails it has since received — without any redaction — seems like a pretty tone-deaf thing to do. Either they didn’t check for personal information, or they didn’t care. The crazy thing is that either is possible.

The 112-page document contains phone numbers, email and even real world addresses in several of the signatures. This information can be used to identify and harass people with ease. It’s possible the committee is required by law to release such public commentary, but they really should have redacted full names, email and home addresses. It’s bad enough that the commission wants to spend the time and money to prove rampant voter fraud (that doesn’t actually seem to have happened), but to gather and expose those who respond is sincerely irresponsible. How can any state trust the White House with its voter records if the executive committee in charge of the process can’t even black out a few email addresses? We’ve reached out to the White House for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

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