Code hints the next Apple TV will support 4K and HDR


Apple certainly isn’t the first to make a media hub with HDR support. Roku supported the technology nearly a year ago, for example. However, competitors sometimes only support one format (Roku’s boxes insist on HDR10). The Apple TV may have a small edge simply because it should support HDR no matter which TV or media services you use.

There’s one more tidbit in the firmware, although it’s not necessarily a smoking gun. Jeffrey Grossman has noticed that there’s a reference to “Gizmo” (the codename for the Apple Watch) supporting an embedded SIM, backing rumors that the next Apple Watch will have a cellular data option. A “radio bundle” mention might support the claim, too. We’ll likely have to wait until the fall (or at least, another code discovery) to know for sure, but don’t be surprised if future Apple wristwear can hop online without any kind of local wireless connection.

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