‘Smash Bros’-style game ‘Brawlout’ is coming to the Switch in late 2017


From the footage, the Drifter is a fantastic addition to the game, playing a little like Marth from Super Smash Bros franchise. The character brings some great buzz along with, implying we might see other heavy-hitters from the indie sphere: Sure, the existing cast looks like a unique blend of scrappers, but throwing well-known characters from other games into the mix would open up so many possibilities.

But it’s a much greater achievement to land a slot on the Switch. Heck, there aren’t even that many first-party games slated to come out, and it’s surprising that Nintendo would make room for a title that draws so much of its DNA from one of the company’s best-selling series. Sure, it’ll be fun to get some 2D scrapping under our belts while we wait for the inevitable Switch version of Smash Bros, but it’s good news for indie games in general. Brawlout might signal an openness to hosting indie games none of us expected — and maybe some of these characters will make it to the Smash Bros big leagues themselves one day.

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