The Morning After: Thursday, November 2nd 2017


Built for gamers, good enough for everyone.Razer Phone hands-on

We finally got a real look at Razer’s $699 Android phone, and it’s living up to the hype. According to Chris Velazco, “If you took a Nextbit Robin, made it bigger and draped the thing in dark anodized aluminum instead of cutesy plastic, you’d basically have the Razer Phone.”

It has a massive 4,000mAh battery, awesome front-facing speakers and an IGZO LCD with a 120Hz refresh rate that’s great for high-res mobile gaming. The Snapdragon 835 CPU and 8GB of RAM inside should provide more than enough power, although there was a little lag on the pre-release models we tried. The phone’s dual-camera and its lack of dust or water resistance were less impressive, but it will be worth a look when it launches on November 17th.

U.HTC tries again with the U11+ and cheaper U11 Life

HTC is following up its latest flagship with a couple of phones that expand the lineup in either direction. The U11+ isn’t headed to the US, but as you’d guess from the name, it’s a bigger version of the U11 with improved Edge Sense features and Android 8.0 Oreo onboard. The smaller (5.2-inch) U11 Life, however, is confirmed for a US debut, and at $349, it should be an intriguing option for smartphone shoppers on a budget.

Now with a proper drum sequencer.GarageBand expands its music-making palette

Apple pushed a major update to its mobile production suite yesterday, and according to Terrence O’Brien, GarageBand 2.3 is all about versatility. Thanks in part to the aptly-named Sound Library, artists can get free instruments and sound packs straight from Apple, while third-party developed add-ons are still restricted to the App Store. It’s free, so you can try to pull together a few tracks on your own and see how it’s improved.

That waitlist isn’t moving much.Tesla is still struggling to mass-produce the Model 3

Tesla dropped its third-quarter earnings report today, which showed it only managed to deliver 222 units of the car. That’s a fraction of the 1,500 it expected to produce in September alone.

Alexa, is this all you’ve got?Amazon Echo Plus review

The Echo Plus is an upgrade over the base model sonically with better bass and high-end, but does it offer enough to justify its $150 price? Maybe not, since its smart hub feature is still very basic and only supports the Zigbee protocol.

Hard hat HoloLens?Microsoft HoloLens is now certified protective eyewear

Microsoft’s augmented reality headset is ready for work. (And 29 new European markets.)

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