What does Trump really think about Russia and US vote? | US & Canada


Whether at home or abroad, US President Donald Trump can not seem to shake off discussion about whether or not Russia interfered in his election last year.

And this time, the debate on Russian meddling and manipulation is the president’s own doing. Trump made contradictory statements while meeting world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Vietnam.

Trump met Vladimir Putin and appeared to accept the Russian president’s denial of involvement. Then Trump told reporters he had full confidence in US intelligence agencies, after the CIA said Russia did meddle in the race for the White House.

Is Trump trying to influence the criminal investigations which could lead to impeachment? And paying lip service to Moscow?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Alexey Khlebnikov, International relations analyst, Russian International Affairs Council

Scott Lucas, professor, University of Birmingham

Lisa Osofsky, FBI former deputy general counsel

Source: Al Jazeera News

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