Porsche’s electric Mission E will pack up to 670 horsepower


Spies have previously caught Porsche testing a Mission E mule that vaguely resembles the auto show model (below). However, it had regular doors (rather than a suicide rear door), less bulgy fenders and a front end that’s not quite so dramatic.

However, Automobile tested a version that retains all of those features and looks exactly like the show car that first appeared in Frankfurt. Based on that, it’s hard to say exactly which Mission E we’ll get when it starts production, reportedly in 2020.

Comparisons against Tesla are tempting, but the Mission E will address a slightly different market. Thanks to the electric drivetrain, it’s bigger inside than it looks, but is still seats four and not five+2 folks like the Model S. “The production version is in essence a C-segment sedan with an almost D-size interior,” Mission E lead Stefan Weckbach told Automobile.

The concept also has a much more aggressive, nearly supercar-like profile, as well. Even if it’s relatively roomy inside, it’s more likely to attract buyers who want a roomy sports car. Tesla buyers, on the other hand, probably want things the other way around — a sedan that can go like hell if need be. Either way, you can no longer dismiss the Mission E as vaporware, as Porsche now seems to be on a mission (sorry) to get it into production.

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