Trivia hit HQ arrives on Android in time for New Year’s Eve event


There’s no mention of when a polished version of HQ will reach Android, although Intermedia has been scrambling to fix bugs to get the app ready ahead of its public test.

HQ is ultimately a simple game at its heart: it’s an elimination-based challenge where progressively harder questions whittle down the contestant pool from hundreds of thousands to just a handful. The allure is the live, schedule-based nature of gameplay. Instead of interacting with faceless software by yourself, you’re participating in a shared experience with a real host (usually fan favorite Scott Rogowsky). And of course, the possibility of winning cash adds real stakes that wouldn’t be present if you were simply competing for points or bragging rights. There’s no telling whether or not HQ will last once the novelty wears off, but the addition of Android could help its chances.

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