White House bans personal cell phones for staff and guests


“The security and integrity of the technology systems at the White House is a top priority for the Trump administration and therefore starting next week the use of all personal devices for both guests and staff will no longer be allowed in the West Wing,” Sanders said in a statement today. “Staff will be able to conduct business on their government-issued devices and continue working hard on behalf of the American people.”

The concern among staff members has been they may be cut off from their families during busy days in the West Wing. Work phones can’t be used for personal business, after all. We’ve reached out to the White House for further comment on the ban and how it affects staff members.

One anonymous insider told Bloomberg that the reason for the ban was due to security concerns and an overloaded Wi-Fi network, which is possible. It’s more realistic, however, that the White House is trying to control the steady leak (or, really, more like flood) of information from staffers, and this is the best way for them to do it.

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