Apple Says Aperture Won’t Run in Future macOS Versions After Mojave

Aperture hasn’t aged well. If Aperture is all you know, you won’t be able to understand this.

Apple was right to abandon it. The photo editing / digital asset management space is very crowded. It has over a dozen major competitors and probably several dozen if you start considering stand alone editor tools without asset management built in. Some of those alternatives are extremely good.

I loved Aperture and I hung onto it for too long myself. When I finally moved on, my only regret was that I didn’t do it soon. Aperture was easy to use and didn’t make me think very much, but it was underpowered in its color editing tools and my extended reliance on it stunted my development as a photographer.

Capture One Pro is my photo editor these days and it can be configured to work similarly to the way Aperture worked. If the thought of giving up Aperture makes you want to make Mojave the last MacOS you’ll ever use, do yourself a favor and give Capture One Pro a serious look. It takes a little exporing to figure out how to configure it, but my setup really does mimic Aperture.

Just be sure to avoid Corel After Shot Pro 2. That one bears an even closer resemblance to Aperture, but its RAW processing engine has to have been designed by a 8 year old. It’s beyond awful.

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