20 People Shared the Unpleasant Facts They Learned About Their Spouses After They Got Married


20 People Shared the Unpleasant Facts They Learned About Their Spouses After They Got Married

When we are in love, it seems to us that our soulmate is absolutely perfect. But after this emotional illusion disappears and routine kicks in, family life can bring a lot of surprises: from some weird everyday habits to a mysterious past.

We at Bright Side are completely sure that even an entire lifetime is not enough to fully know someone. But some peculiarities should definitely be discussed in advanced.

  • She often shoots a thin stream of saliva out of her mouth when she yawns. Apparently she more consciously covered her mouth before we got married. © jimjackcoke / reddit
  • When I’m on the toilet, she can just walk in and start brushing her teeth like I’m invisible. I’m like, “Ehh, you used to knock?” and she’ll speak through frothy-mouthed toothpaste, “thapt wapth befloor vee ver merried” then spit out her toothpaste, and leave the door open when she leaves. © conipto / reddit
  • He dunks his Oreos in water instead of milk. I still don’t know why. No, he is not lactose intolerant, and no, he wasn’t poor growing up. He’s not a vegan. And we had milk in the house when I caught him doing this. He just prefers to dunk his Oreos in water. And it terrifies me. © Kiwi222123 / reddit
  • We lived together before we were married, and it wasn’t that bad. But the moment we said “I Do…” it changed. Now, she starts the Christmas train in October! I’m talking the tree, garland, and the annoying songs! When I asked her about this, she said, “Oh, we’re married now. So you have to like this too.” Purely joking but come on! © nifederico / reddit
  • When we first met through parents, she looked like the shy “girl next door” type. She would smile and feel awkward a lot. After we got married and a little more comfortable, she walks around the house naked and has 0 level of shyness. © Anonymousr / quora

  • My mom found out decades later my dad had been married when he met her. But the worst thing was that he was still married when they got married. So yeah, my dad’s a bigamist. © Biteme178938281 / reddit

  • During the second night of our honeymoon, we decided to stay in and get some takeout. My beverage of choice at the time was Crystal Light Raspberry Ice which contains aspartame. While we were eating she wasn’t thinking and she asked for a sip. About 5 minutes later, she became extremely ill and started having issues breathing. After a few minutes, she read the ingredients on my beverage and yelled at me, “I AM ALLERGIC TO ASPARTAME!!!” Me… Being the loving new husband I am, yelled back, “SINCE WHEN!? YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!” She never bothered to tell me because she grew up in a household with no artificial sweeteners, because she was allergic. © maxxian / reddit

  • She never screws the lids on jars. And guess who always breaks jars because he is used to grabbing them by the lids? © apex18 / reddit

  • One day, after we’d been married for about 7 years, we joined a gym with a swimming pool. She challenged me to a race. Ok, I thought, I’m a pretty good swimmer. I was surprised when she offered me a half-length head start — and then doubly surprised me when, despite my massive head start, she beat me easily. Apparently she used to be a competitive swimmer in school. She’s basically half-dolphin. But she’d never happened to mention that before. © CiderDrinker / reddit

  • My husband is a big meat and potatoes guy. On our honeymoon, I told him that I was becoming a vegetarian. It was something I’d been thinking about for a while and couldn’t implement well while living with my parents. When we got back from vacation, we fell into a routine where I did all the cooking. It turns out that he is so lazy about cooking, that he’d forego eating meat just to not have to do it. Also, it turns out I’m a pretty good vegetarian cook. He now eats vegetarian whenever we are at home, and gets meat at restaurants when he goes out with his friends. He’s totally happy with it (truly!). It has been 10 years. He’s the best. © Bluesiderug / reddit

  • I wish I knew about how squeamish he was when it comes to gross stuff. Cat pukes up a hairball? He screams like a little girl about how gross it is. Mysterious food in the fridge? He won’t touch it. Feed the cat wet food? It makes him sick. I wish I knew that he’d take all the covers and leave me with nothing and has no qualms about stealing my pillow in the middle of the night. © Jennifer Miller / quora

  • He absolutely cannot be trusted with desserts in the house. Back when we were engaged he’d give me time to eat my half of the ice cream or Oreo package or whatever we had on hand… Now? I’m sitting here eating thin mints from a stash from under the frozen veggies in our outside freezer. © 50thusernameidea / reddit

  • My mom found out my dad was a compulsive liar when his twin sister didn’t show up to their wedding. When questioned about it, he said she must have imagined the dozens of stories he had told her about his twin sister. He is an only child. © AdmThrace / reddit

  • Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law had visited my country on vacation just a year before I even knew their daughter. He showed me a recorded video where they were enjoying evening entertainment at their hotel. They were sitting next to my parents while my sister was singing. The only missing people were me and their daughter. A year after that day I met their daughter on the internet. We have been a happily married couple for 9 years and we still joke about it as probably being an arranged marriage. © timetraveller1977 / reddit

  • My wife cannot read an analog watch/clock for time. Married 4 years, been together 7 years total, and somehow that came up only a month ago when I asked for the time off a watch during a power outage. © chunderzone / reddit

  • My husband and I dated for 3 years before we got married. After more than a year of marriage, he let it slip that he is lactose intolerant. He knew that I absolutely loved ice cream and we would frequently get ice cream on our dates. But he never wanted me to know about his lactose intolerance, so that I could be happy with my ice cream. © QueenPooper13 / reddit

  • I was the kid that my dad never told his new wife about. They had 3 kids together before she found out about me. My struggling mom filed for financial assistance, and when they found out she wasn’t getting child support for me, they tracked my dad down easily through his government job and started docking his wages. I was 12. And that’s how he had to tell his wife about this glaring omission from his past. © BuffyPilotKnob / reddit

  • She sneezes like she trying to scare you to death (scream sneeze). I’m still not used to it now (10 years later). Boy, it’s terribly loud. Our poor daughter gets scared and says, “Mommy you’re too loud.” But in public, she “can hold it back.” © bzzybot / reddit

  • I have a friend who was born and raised in Romania in a relatively poor family. His favorite section of a loaf of bread was the crusts on ether end (possibly even his favorite food in general), so when he got married (to a woman from Australia) he started leaving the crusts for her because they’re the best, so he wanted her to have them. Well typically in Australia we throw away the end crusts, so when my friend left them, she assumed he didn’t want them either and threw them away. They were married for years before he caught her tossing them in the trash and got confused. © thats_cripple_to_you / reddit

  • She has always had a bad temper. Many people didn’t like her, my friends included, and they kept telling me that she would end up leaving me. She cruelly rejected guys and but my curiosity was got the best of me and I wasn’t afraid of being with her. She honestly told me that she didn’t love me, but that she was ready to accept my love. It was enough for me. I was totally in love with her. So, when we got married, what surprised me the most was, on our wedding night, she cried her eyes out and held onto me as if I would vanish. She told me between her hiccups, how she loved me, how we were going to have so many babies, and how she was afraid I was going to realize she loved me too much and leave. Life had hardened her, and she told me, that I had softened her. I won’t lie, my eyes leaked some tears too. Hearing her say she loves me too much, I was ecstatic. I still get ecstatic even after 23 years of marriage with my lethal woman. © Anonymousr / quora

We are sure that there are people among our readers that also have similar unexpected and gripping stories. Are we right?

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