20 Photos That Will Make Your Inner Perfectionist Go Mad


20 Photos That Will Make Your Inner Perfectionist Go Mad

Being a perfectionist can be a headache sometimes. There are so many things that have been done poorly, sloppily, or just plain wrong. If you like excellence in everything, then you should probably not look at the following photos that users, who are as picky as you, shared online.

Bright Side selected 20 photographs that aren’t suitable for perfectionists, but if you have nerves of steel, go right ahead!

1. “This neighborhood I saw on Google Maps really hit me hard.”

2. “This teacher doesn’t erase the board fully and continues to use it.”

3. They’re trying to make me go crazy.

4. “The soles on these shoes are perfect for… getting jammed full of small rocks.”

5. A minor incident, no major consequences…

6. The yellow M&M’s rebellion

7. “I have to walk by this monstrosity every day.”

8. Someone needed a lot of paper towels.

9. “These elevator buttons”

10. OCD triggering in 3, 2, 1

11. This keyboard is hurting me… so bad.

12. When your energy drink can’t even work properly:

13. “The question is: Why?”

14. When you can’t read a book because of its reflective pages:

15. The way someone opened this box of chocolates

16. What kind of savage would do this?

17. “My teacher handed out the notes hole-punched like this.”

18. Someone please straighten these pictures!

19. They thought nobody would discover what happened inside the column.

20. How about a round of applause for whoever cut this pizza!

Which sloppy or flawed things can you simply not stand? Which of these photographs did you find the most irritating? Tell us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit BillsBayou / Reddit

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