A Tech Company Is Looking for a Face to Put on Their Robots, They’ll Pay $130K


A Tech Company Is Looking for a Face to Put on Their Robots, They’ll Pay $130K

Every other day brilliant people change the world in whatever way they know how, or at least take the necessary steps to do so. Today a nameless (for now) robotics company is in the spotlight because of, what could be, a revolutionary project that will change the lives of thousands of elderly people! This nameless company is looking for people to help them realize that idea. Read below to learn how!

Bright Side couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this interesting project with you, as we are excited to see what happens next.

The people at Geomiq, a tech company, were approached by an unknown robotics company to help them with a very interesting project they have been working on. Geomiq doesn’t even have all the information due to a non-disclosure agreement they signed with the designer, but we can tell you that the robot industry is changing.

For the people with naturally kind and warm faces, who would also like to make some money, we have some good news! That mysterious robotics company is looking for men and women to, literally, be the face of a robot. This means that those faces could be reproduced on potentially thousands of robots. It would be like having a thousand twins, all over the world.

How would you feel if you saw yourself somewhere? Would it actually be your robot twin? How crazy would that be? Well, the designer knows how crazy that sounds and that is why he has agreed to pay you £100,000 pounds ($130,000 dollars) for the rights of your face, if it’s friendly enough, of course. And anyone can participate and send a photo of their face to this address: faces@geomiq.com.

The company wants to keep this on the downlow as much as they can, due to the “secretive” nature of this project, that is why the details are scarce and its name is still hidden. But they believe that the project will soon be available to the public and they are aiming to raise as much awareness around it as they can.

If you want more information on what the purpose will be of these robots, don’t worry, they are not building an army that looks just like you, you are completely safe! The robots’ purpose will be to act as some kind of virtual friend to elderly people and they are scheduled to go into production next year. According to the designer, this project has been in the works for 5 years and has a lot of serious backing by investors. So, we think it’s fair to say that this is definitely happening and we will see a whole “virtual friend army” with the same face one day.

If any of our readers are interested in this and aren’t just here out of curiosity — the designer also said that candidates who make it through to the next phase will be given the full details of the project and those who are not accepted will not be contacted.

We think that this is pretty interesting and are also eager to see who will be the winner of that contest!

Would you let a robotics company use your face for their robots for that amount of money? Please let us know in the comments!

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