Can we stop the panic over coronavirus? | Health


As the coronavirus spreads around the world, so is the fear and anxiety, despite scientists telling people not to panic.

Many countries have suspended schools and public events.

Some are denying entry to visitors from high-risk regions, or putting them in quarantine.

This goes against guidelines from the World Health Organization, which says these measures are not always effective.

Share markets from New York to Hong Kong have fallen by up to 3 percent this week.

Panic about the outbreak has caused a run on basic goods, including toilet paper, as people fear they will run out of supplies if they are forced into isolation.

So how do we deal with the anxiety surrounding this virus?

Presenter: Maryam Nemazee


Dr Anthony Renshaw – Medical director in Northern Europe for International SOS, a health and travel security risk services company

Philippe Legrain – Financial analyst and economist

Burton Paul – Healthcare engagement specialist

Source: Al Jazeera

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