T-Mobile Now Lets Customers Use Apple Pay to Pay Bills Online and in App

I don’t think it’s possible to do AutoPay with ApplePay, but with T-mobile, you do get a $5 per line discount for being on AutoPay. And it is possible to be signed up for that and then just go into the app manually and pay your balance before the AutoPay date and keep the AutoPay discount.

I am glad to see this, though. I actually had gone into a T-mobile store to try to pay my bill early with ApplePay and when the clerk tried to do it and I scanned my phone, he got an alert saying I had to use my physical card. Well I don’t even carry my physical AppleCard and that would have taken the cash back from 3% down to 1% anyway.

EDIT: As others point out below, it does seem possible to AutoPay through ApplePay. I just changed mine. I wonder how this works once we change devices and a new “number” is assigned to our ApplePay cards? Will we have to redo the AutoPay order, or will it update automagically?

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